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Lines of code audited


H/M vulnerabilities uncovered


Audits completed

Our Audit Process

Guided stages ensuring comprehensive security assessment


Pre-audit Review

A pre-audit review encompassing potential enhancements, code optimizations, and additional insights.


In-Depth Security Assessment

An exhaustive and methodical security review of all in-scope assets. resulting in an audit report. This report serves as a roadmap, offering clear and actionable recommendations to fortify the overall system's resilience.


Risk Mitigation Effectiveness Review

A thorough and systematic post-fix review is conducted to ensure that any identified vulnerabilities have been successfully addressed and that the applied fixes align with best practice standards for security.


Security Strategy Optimization

Offering post-audit advice for continuously improving security measures, promptly addressing new vulnerabilities, and conducting thorough evaluations.


What others have to say about us

  • quotation marksEgis Security conducted an audit for us, uncovering certain issues that have helped us in fortifying our contracts, thus enhancing user trust and security within our app.
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    Alexandre TrotelTrotelCoin
  • quotation marksThanks to EgisSecurity, for the findings, which helped me ensure the highest of quality possible.
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    Silvere HLambdalf Erc Library
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